Patient Testimonials


Dr. Douglas,
There are no words I can think of that would accurately convey how grateful I am for everything you have done for me. I know you and I are not done yet and there will be many more “thank yous” but I couldn’t let any more time pass.

My thank you can only first begin with the miraculous surgical skill you possess, that you put me back together, beautifully, helping me to maintain my pride and my dignity. The harder part for me, is the emotional roller coaster of the past three months. During the most horrific moments in my life, you were there telling me how beautiful I was, how great I was doing and that I would be fine. It was these appointments that got me through, week to week, to where I am now. I know you’ve known my mother for a long time, but that is not why you were this way, it’s just who you are. You are a truly special person and I am blessed to have you as my doctors.

I wish Scott and I could afford to pay you what you really earned that day, but we can’t. One thing that you and I share is our love of dogs. I don’t know if l’ll ever be able to touch a person’s life like you have mine, I doubt it. I’ve been trying so hard, for weeks and weeks to think of something to do for you, how could I possibly repay you for what you have done for me. The usual things seem very trivial. So, I went back to our love of dogs.

We have sponsored a dog, in your honor, at Little Shelter Animal Rescue in Huntington. I can change her life and give her a great chance of getting a forever family. Her name is Medea, I didn’t pick her, my friend Arlene did, she works at the shelter, but she is so sweet, she’s had a tough start and needs some help, just like me. If you like, you can go on their website, and read her story, she is in group 5.

Thank you.

To Whom It May Concern

In 2008, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. My physician, Dr. Michael Khalife, performed my mastectomy and referred me to Dr. Vincent R. DiGregorio, who performed my reconstructive surgery. Not only was I nervous about having breast cancer, I was nervous to meet Dr. D, as me and my family now affectionately call him. I was also worried because u was told that he would not accept my insurance plan; however, his professionalism and compassion quickly put me at ease.

Dr. D went to check on my insurance plan and returned to the office to let me know that he would accept my insurance plan. He took his time with me, explaining every step of the process for my procedures. He made me feel like I was his one and only patient by taking his time with me. I left feeling more like a family member than a patient. His bedside manner is unmatched and his compassion toward me and my family goes beyond measure.

Needless to say, I am more than please with the results of my surgery. In this day and age when so many physicians seem to be concerned about the number of patients they see in a day, Dr. D focuses on each patient and he does everything with a smile. I am one satisfied patient, and will continue to be for years to come. I can confirm that Dr. Vincent R. DiGregorio is a man of great integrity, is extremely dedicated to his patients and practice. It is my immense pleasure to recommend Dr. DiGregorio for any patient seeking reconstructive surgery.


In April of 2009, I was diagnosed with stage 3 invasive breast cancer. I was completely devastated. Finding a plastic surgeon was the last thing on my mind. I thought I was going to die. However, I decided to fight the grim reaper in front of me, and beat this horrible disease.

I began my fight. I was referred to a wonderful general surgeon, Dr. Manal Hegazy who, even though the cancer was only on my right side, suggested a radical bi-lateral mastectomy. Again, I was devastated, but agreed. My cancer was so aggressive, that I figured eventually, I would have cancer in my left Breast as well. I didn’t want to have to go through this again. Dr. Hegazy told me that my best option was to have the reconstruction done at the same time as the mastectomy. She gave me a few plastic surgeons to choose from, and one of them was from Long Island Plastic Surgeons. I chose them because when I was a child, I was bit in the face by a neighbors dog and they stitched me up with practically no scar.

That’s when I met Dr. Michael Dobryansky. I was very apprehensive and scared at the thought of someone just seeing my breasts, never mind operating on them. He was amazing! He made me feel comfortable, and he actually cared. He talks to me, and listens to me, weather I’m crying or not. The mental part of this disease is just as bad, if not worse than the cancer itself. I’ve often told Dr. Dobryansky that he would’ve made a great therapist. He is so kind and caring. He always greets me with a big smile and a hug. No Dr. in my life has ever been so warm and sweet. I cant say enough about him and all the staff at L.I.P.S.. I was recently in a very bad car accident, which resulted in some facial injuries. I called Dr. Dobryansky from the hospital, and he came as soon as he could. He took wonderful care of me and my face. He is the only one I trust….He is a great man!

It’s been almost 2 yrs. since my diagnosis. I am still fighting, and winning! My reconstruction went wonderfully. I still have some minor surgeries to complete my reconstruction and I have total faith & trust in Dr. Dobryansky and all the staff at L.I.P.S. They made it possible for me to look and feel like the woman I was before breast cancer.

I want to thank all the doctors and staff at L.I.P.S.. They not only helped me, but my whole family. I especially want to thank Dr. Dobryansky. I can honestly say he has a place in my heart and at the foot of the lord.

My sincerest thanks and prayers,

Great art picks up where nature ends. – Marc Chagall

My journey with breast cancer started as a shocker. First, finding out you have breast cancer. Second, being probed and tested to confirm you have it. And third, finding a surgeon you are comfortable with.

After four different searches of Long Island doctors, I chose to use the New Work Presbyterian Weill Cornell Cancer Center. My surgeon could not have been more helpful and understanding to my needs. However, the decision was mine. Lumpectomy or mastectomy? After much research I chose a unilateral mastectomy. This meant I needed a plastic surgeon in the OR to insert an expander. My surgeon recommended the doctors in the group at the Center. This was fine for the initial surgery. However, my visits to New York City to see the plastic surgeon were becoming very trying and time consuming. It was only when I went to see an Oncologist at the Center that she suggested I use an Oncologist on Long Island, did I realize, why not see a plastic surgeon on Long Island, also?

My search ended in a chair in Dr. DiGregorio office. I explained my story to him and he explained what his procedure would be. Just by him telling me what was to be done, I could hear the confidence in his voice and I felt secure.

In September of 2009 he removed the expander, replaced it with an implant and uplifted my clean breast. WOW! His artistic work has begun. The man is a perfectionist! So I had little concern with my next surgery, a nipple reconstruction. Of course, I could wind up as a Picasso or a Botticelli (I preferred the latter). I had little fear of any problems. Mainly because of Dr. DiGregorio’s expertise thus far.

The OR can be intimidating but Dr. DiGregorio eased my tension with his compassion and that it made everything alright. My nipple is a work of art.

I’m on my last lap of reconstruction (fat augmentation) and my breast is as good as new.

Thank you Dr. DiGregorio