Our Doctors

LIPSG partners with 19 plastic and reconstructive surgeons who offer a comprehensive range of aesthetic enhancement and reconstructive surgery procedures. The following information will provide a brief glimpse at some of our surgeons who specialize in reconstructive breast surgery. For more information on our doctors, please visit our main website at www.lipsg.com or click their names below.

Our Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons

The Long Island Plastic Surgical Group has been able to maintain its reputation for excellence throughout our 60 year history due to the remarkable achievements and experience of our doctors. Plastic and reconstructive surgeons at LIPSG are known throughout the world as being some of the best in their fields, and they are routinely invited to share their expertise in hospitals, lectures, and seminars across the globe. Our surgeons have been published in leading medical journals and have been some of the foremost innovators in new techniques and procedures that have contributed to major advances in the fields of plastic surgery and reconstruction.

The LIPSG Breast Reconstruction Surgery Center is home to a number experienced and specialty-trained plastic and reconstructive surgeons who have focused their careers on the field of breast surgery. Our doctors have attended some of the most prestigious medical institutions in the world, including the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and the Cleveland Clinic, both considered top breast reconstruction fellowship training centers, as well as the Gloucester Royal Hospital in Gloucester, England, McGill University in Montreal, and the University of Toronto. They are skilled in all major techniques of breast reconstruction, including flap surgery procedures such as TRAM Flap, DIEP Flap, and SGAP flap reconstruction, as well as implant reconstruction. Some of these procedures are only performed by a handful of plastic and reconstructive surgeons in the U.S., many of them right here at LIPSG.

The surgeons at our Center of Excellence within the Long Island Plastic Surgical group are committed to recreating the breasts with advanced techniques that are designed to give our patients results that look natural. Our doctors understand the emotional and physical pain that losing one or both breasts to mastectomy or injury can cause. Our entire team is here to help each of our patients address their unique reconstruction needs and take another major step on the road to recovery.

Our Doctors’ Promise to Our Patients

The doctors at the Long Island Plastic Surgical Group’s Breast Reconstruction Center utilize decades of training, education, and patient care to form a collective understanding of the needs of our patients who have lost one or both breasts to mastectomy or injury. We promise to create collaborative partnerships with all physicians involved, including oncologists, breast surgeons, radiologists, primary care physicians, and other professionals involved in breast reconstruction in order to form a team effort at delivering the best possible breast reconstruction results – results that look natural and help our patients restore their breasts and move through recovery. Our doctors promise to work with each patient throughout the entire process, covering all available options, while providing honest advice on all stages of care. This includes pre-operative, procedural, and post-operative expectations. We will be with our patients from the first consultation to the last stage of recovery, and promise to do our very best to ensure the safety and success of our patients’ breast reconstruction results.

Ready for a Consultation?

The doctors listed above are just a few of the many plastic and reconstructive surgeons here at the Long Island Plastic Surgical Group who can help our patients attain their goals with the best possible care and results that look natural. Our surgeons have devoted much of their lives to performing the latest techniques in reconstruction surgery, and advancing the field to its fullest capabilities. Please contact LIPSG to schedule a consultation with one of our reconstructive surgeons. We will be happy to answer any questions and help formulate a treatment plan that best fits the individual needs of each patient.