About the Breast Reconstruction Center

Plastic and reconstructive surgeons at Long Island Plastic Surgical Group have been specialty-trained in the full range of reconstructive surgery techniques including complex microsurgery. At LIPSG, we are committed to providing unique and effective alternatives to women who are considering breast reconstruction to improve their livelihood. The Breast Reconstruction Surgery Center offers all major breast reconstruction methods, including tissue expansion, implant reconstruction, and flap reconstruction procedures such as S-GAP, DIEP Flap, TRAM Flap, and others. The Breast Reconstruction Surgery Center within LIPSG contains a staff of physicians, nurses, and physician assistants who understand not only the physical changes, but the emotional demands women face following a battle with cancer or a devastating injury.

The removal of one or both breasts as a result of breast cancer or injury can be a life-saving procedure, but it can also take a severe physical and emotional toll. As part of our comprehensive breast reconstruction program, LIPSG provides interested patients and visitors with a number of free seminars and support groups to help them learn more about what to expect from breast reconstruction surgery. In addition, LIPSG is dedicated to providing their patients with an outlet to express their emotions and share their experiences with others whom may be going through similar situations.

At Long Island Plastic Surgical Group, one of our reconstructive surgeons will meet with each patient in an initial consultation to discuss all aspects of the procedure. They will answer all questions, and cover the various aspects of the procedures best suited for the individual needs and goals of each patient. One of our top priorities here at the Breast Reconstruction Center is to work with our patients as a team, as we believe their involvement in every step of the process is essential to successful results. Our doctors and staff emphasize a collaborative effort with our patients so they are able to make well-informed, educated decisions about their treatment.

This collaborative spirit also extends to other medical professionals involved in patient care associated with LIPSG Breast Reconstructive Center. Our reconstructive surgery team works closely with breast surgeons, oncologists, radiologists, and others with first-hand knowledge of treatment options prior to breast reconstruction. These partnerships can provide us with the best possible approach to rebuilding our patients’ physical appearance and emotional well-being, as we work towards achieving optimal breast reconstruction results.

To supplement our surgeons’ expertise and this collaborative effort, LIPSG also offers patients some of the most innovative technologies available to provide them with a clear picture of our approach and procedures, to help them formulate realistic expectations. These technologies include the ability to view the possible results of breast reconstruction, even before setting foot inside an operating room. With Vectra 3-D imaging, our surgeons can generate a computer image to provide patients with a glimpse into the future by showing them the most-likely surgical outcome.

At LIPSG, we are a team of compassionate and skilled caregivers who are dedicated to supporting our patients in any way we can. We are committed to helping each patient through this difficult stage of their life, while providing the highest level of personalized care to help them enjoy the next stage. Our goal is to give every patient an effective reconstruction experience with results that look and feel natural.

Please contact the LIPSG Breast Reconstruction Surgery Center to schedule a consultation in the Long Island and Manhattan, New York region.